Dead Confederate, Rock Band

On June 20, 2009, by AMI Staff

They’re not The Dead Milkmen, and they’re not Confederate Railroad, but they might be somewhere in between. They’re Dead Confederate, a unique mix of alternative and Southern rock. And although you might not think it to look at them, they hate Dave Navarro just as much as you do.

Recently, they’ve been prominently featured in leading music publications like Spin Magazine and Rolling Stone, and the band made its first national television appearance on a little show called Late Night with Conan O’Brien in October 2008.

So if you haven’t yet heard of them, it’s because you are obviously a dork and spend all your time listening to your vast Meat Loaf collection (that’s Mr. Loaf to you).

In addition to its far-ranging, unique sound, Dead Confederate also runs the gamut on facial hairstyles. Lead singer Hardy Morris is a tragic sufferer of Bare Upper Lip Disorder (BULD), while keyboard player John Watkins has a handlebar mustache that can crack a walnut from fifty paces. Then there’s guitarist Walker Howie, who has an evil, puppy-hating beard that looks like a can of Rogaine Foam exploded on his face.