The legal community in America has traditionally demonstrated great solidarity with the Mustached American community. 

Indeed,the last mustached American president of the United States was William Howard Taft — a lawyer; the Wall Street Journal Law Blog has often covered our exploits the the Law Blog Mustache Society; Georgetown Law holds an annual mustache competition handing out  the Burt Reynolds Commemorative Plate; 69.7 percent of all incarcerated felons wear mustaches; and now, the scarf-wearing, normally bare-lipped David Kolker (pictured at right) and his peers at the George Washington University Law School will hold its "Justache For All" fundraiser benefiting the Equal Justice Foundation (EJF) which provides stipends to law students working unpaid public interest and public service jobs over the summer.

As you can see on the the event website, participants are asked to grow good looking "Justaches" (as if there was such a thing as an ugly mustache) from November 9th to December 3rd and ask friends and family to sponsor their efforts. The participant who maintains their dapper "Justache" for the entire period and has the highest sponsorship on December 3rd wins a $150 prize. Also at stake is the honor of being named "Most Amazing Best Justache,"  and everyone who grows a "Justache" will receive a "Justache For All" t-shirt.

A Gala Dinner is planned to raise funds for the competitors' lower nose accoutrements,
and the group has wisely invited the American Mustache Institute, as
well as numerous mustachioed and mustache-sympathizing members of
Congress to attend.

It will be held Friday, November 20, in the Logan Circle area of Washington, D.C. Hair-growing cocktails will be served at 7pm, followed by dinner at 8pm.

If you are interested in attending the dinner, or for random questions about good looks, e-mail Kolker at

Carry on.