‘Stache Scale Analysis: ‘Stache the Book

On October 13, 2010, by AMI Staff

The American Mustache Institute’s ‘Stache Scale Analysis today examines Terry Taylor’s newly published “‘Stache: Frivolous Facts & Facies About That Space Between the Nose And Lip,” a book that people of Mustached American heritage are sure to notice.

It’s an homage to the sexually adventuresome Mustached American way of living, as well as being a somewhat amusing collection of lip sweater information, lower nose foliage products, mustache stickers, styles and other novelties aimed more towards informing the broader societal curiosity about our Mustached American lifestyle and its eccentricities. It also pays due reference to your American Mustache Institute on page 53, which is both expected and necessary.

We don’t quite know if Terry is the chubby gent who’s face adorns each page, or the Bare Upper Lip Disorder (BULD) suffering 20-somthing who wears a false mustache throughout the book. Either way, it’s relatively painless toilet reading for people of Mustached American descent and interested third parties.

So we’ll give this 2.3 thumbs — worthy of buying it which you can can do here – and let’s continue to support Mustached American-loving products and services.

Carry on.