Hughes Takes Home Third Annual AMI Scholarship

On June 29, 2011, by AMI Staff

The South Florida Chapter of the American Mustache Institute has named Kent Adam Hughes the recipient of the third annual American Mustache Institute Mustached American Folicular Excellence Scholarship.

Gen. Heinz rewards a grateful Hughes

“High school finally paid off,” said an excited Hughes, a graduating senior at Jensen Beach High School.

The award is presented each June and is open to graduating Mustached American men and women at Jensen Beach.  Recipients are selected based on their lower nose fur as well as community work battling for  Mustached American equality.  The 2010 honor was given to senior Curtis Berger, and each candidate is judged by a select group of Mustached Floridians led by  Gen. Hans Heinz, AMI’s South Florida Chapter President and Bureau Chief.

As is customary, AMI scholarship recipients receive a certificate, a firm hand shake from Gen. Heinz, a photograph of the hand shake, a copy of Hall & Oates Greatest hits, and of course the scholarship of $5.00 to be spent on tuition, room and board, or any entertainment consisting of Chuck Norris or Mr. T.

“Adam is, and always will be, a true Mustached American,” said Gen. Heinz.  “I remember when he was a freshmen, people would mistake him for a teacher or janitor due to his thick nose curtain. He will represent us fine when he attends the University of North Florida using his scholarship.”

Hughes comes from a long line of Mustached Americans, and was eager to take home the prize.

“I had wanted to win this since I was a sophomore,” he graciously said through tears. “I couldn’t compete until I was a senior, and man, this rocks!”

When asked what he planned to do with his honor Hughes added, “I will more than likely uphold the honor of this award by going out and punching a hippie.”

Carry on.

  • Stefani_hughes

    Way to go Add! What an incredible honor. This accomplishment makes us prouder than any accomplishment you have ever received. Next you will be requested to join the president for dinner at the White House. Wow. What a great son.