The forthcoming film “Shift” is a classic tale of Mustached Americana.

Boomer Honeycutt is a drag racer. He has a durable, Chevron-style mustache adorned by a high quality mullet. His lone quest is to escape his father’s shadow and become the next drag racing Classic Gear Jammers Champion.

And did we mention Boomer also likes to shoot handguns at milk bottles?

Like many Mustached Americans, after separating from his fiancée Tina, Boomer takes refuge sleeping in his van and riding three-wheelers fit for seven-year-olds.

But he awakes after a rough night out to find an eleven-year-old boy on the doorstep and a note from his high school sweetheart welcoming him to fatherhood.

“Shift,” which should hit theaters in late 2012, is from Johnny Roscoe Productions and features former Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year finalist Brandon Wardell, who you may recall was endorsed by Brooke Shields.

At it’s core, “Shift” is not just a drag racing movie but a story about Mustached American fathers and sons, teaching each other what it takes to be a man — like having a mustache.

It’s release can’t come fast enough for the Mustached American community.