As result, Chicago to host ‘Stache Bash on Oct. 28th


ST. LOUIS – Following a two-year analysis of 100 U.S. cities, the American Mustache Institute (AMI) today released a new White Paper naming Chicago as “America’s Most ‘Mustache-Friendly’ City.”

As a result, Chicago will play host to AMI’s annual ‘Stache Bash 2011 charitable benefit on Friday, October 28. The event will serve as the Chicagoland kick-off event for Movember, the global moustache-growing charity campaign raising awareness and funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

With a long-existing pattern of social and professional discrimination against Mustached Americans, AMI behavioral economists sought to better understand which top-performing metropolitan areas provide the most nourishing opportunities and livable communities for people of Mustached American descent.

“Chicago is a leader in creating a prime living and working environment for Mustached Americans,” said Dr. Aaron Xavier Perlut, chairman of the American Mustache Institute. “Its vast pool of professional opportunities in first-responder fields and in the fishing industry centered around Lake Michigan, along with the heritage of retired Chicago Bears players who have continued to embrace a Mustached American lifestyle helped to set the Windy City apart.”

AMI’s charitable ‘Stache Bash 2011, will be held outside of St. Louis for the first time — in Chicago at Joe’s Bar on October 28 featuring iPop and the Flavor Savers. The event brings people of Mustached American heritage together with their clean shaven counterparts to celebrate the sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle.

“Chicago has clearly earned the right to host ‘Stache Bash 2011,” added Dr. Perlut. “We hope Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his minions appreciate the vast economic impact that will be wrought upon the region as Mustached Americans descend upon the city for our annual Woodstock.”

In determining America’s most Mustache-Friendly cities, AMI researchers interviewed two hundred Mustached Americans in each of 100 high-performing U.S. municipalities to determine what makes their municipal region a flavor saving destination based on five key indicators: Employment, Transportation, Entertainment/Sport, Culinary, and Education.

Researchers asked participants to freely respond to open-ended questions about their lifestyle and spending habits. Qualitative data received during this study shed light on to why these cities received high AMI City Index scores.

Following Chicago in the top 10 Mustache-Friendly cities were: Houston;, Pittsburgh; Oklahoma City; Detroit; Milwaukee; Cleveland;  New York;  Huntsville, Ala.; Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater.

“It’s important to document these unique enclaves of mustached culture in America,” noted AMI historian Samuel Glasscock, Jr. “Each city contributes its own unique piece to a rich tapestry of American upper-lip hair.”

  • Joey Wilhelm

    I have to say that, as a mustached American myself, Phoenix is be underrated for its mustache friendliness. The number of smiles, thumbs up, hand shakes and photos I get is astounding. Just last night, matter of fact, I was allowed into a bar with no ID solely because of my mustache. In addition, when leaving the bar, a group of people stopped me to shake my hand and ask for a photo with me and my mustache.

    If that ain’t friendly, I don’t know what is!

  • Mrportno

    I would like to echo the commentator below but in regards to New Orleans. As a mustached American New Orleans is perhaps one of the best city. The ‘tache is far more acceptable there then in many other cities, definitely a city worth consideration.

  • Thomas Sullivan

    I live in Seattle, which despite the rain and cold, seems to discriminate against the stache. I am an occasional ‘stache wearer who occasionally tests the waters here by shaving off the goatee but leaving the lip portion intact. Interested in any comments from others living here.

  • Trawls1718

    What’s up with San Diego, Ca? I thought for sure it would have made this list, I’m constantly getting high fives and such for my Handlebar Mo’!

  • Megertz7

    Why isn’t Athens, Ohio ranked?! Check out some of Ohio University’s staff with some FINE mustaches:

  • Kenny

    Seattle? Hopefully, Portland was higher than that. Any facial hair…but mustaches are excellent in theses parts too!

  • Fdgdfg

    to be honest i am a little surprised that Chicago is the most mustache friendly.

  • baldheaded fool

    what were the least mustache friendly cities?

  • Sco Jo

    Chicago and Pittsburgh.  Not surprised one bit!

  • wat


  • Holt5856

    Glad to see Houston in the top two!! Moustaches, Humidity, Hurricanes, and 100+ temperatures…doesn’t get any better than that!