With the American Mustache Institute set to release its inaugural “America’s Most Mustache-Friendly Cities” report looking at the best places to live and work for people of Mustached American heritage — Sperling’s BestPlaces and snack food Combos have released what they found to be “America’s Manliest Cities.”

The report put St. Louis in 10th place on the list, largely due to the presence of the American Mustache Institute’s headquarters and influence, as well as the presence of the world’s largest mustache — The Gateway Arch.

The rankings were determined using 50 of the largest metropolitan areas as defined by the United States Census Bureau.

Specific categories which comprised the analysis included:

  • Sports;
  • Manly Lifestyle;
  • Concentration of Manly Retail Stores:
  • Manly Occupations:
  • “Board of Manliness” Rankings;
  • Salty Snack Sales.

And while AMI’s presence and influence as a factor is not specifically listed, it is inherently implied within the “Manly Lifestyle” category, as of course, a mustache increases manliness by 54.3 percent according to AMI research.

Cities were ranked between 0 and 100 in categories including sports, manly lifestyle, salty snack sales and manly occupations. Cities could also lose points in the form of “manly kryptonite,” which included home furnishings and decor stores, cafes and coffee shops and “modern” appeal stores.

Nashville is the nation’s manliest city according to the list, followed by Charlotte, N.C. and Oklahoma City.

If you call yourself a real man, you might want to avoid Los Angeles for a while. They were No. 50 in the ranking, coming in dead last.

Go figure. They will not be in the top 20 of AMI’s “America’s Most Mustache-Friendly Cities” either.

See the full list here.

Carry on.