The administration of the American Mustache Institute is in deep policy discussions with the San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and his advisers as to whether AMI will officially support Lee’s reelection bid.

“We are inclined to support Interim Mayor Lee as his position as a Mustached American leader of a great city like San Francisco has the potential to influence young people of Mustached American heritage everywhere,” Dr. Abraham Jonas Froman, chief executive officer of AMI, said while advising the Mayor’s staff on his new campaign video featuring entertainer MC Hammer and San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson. “Plus, our understanding thus far is that he is inclined to support our national Mustached American Tax Incentive initiative, so we seem to be headed down parallel paths.”

Speaking on CNN, AMI chairman Dr. Aaron Perlut recently endorsed future President Herman Cain on behalf of the organization, and last year endorsed future New York Governor Jimmy McMillan in moves that brought tremendous voter support to each candidate.

However, Dr. Froman cautioned the final decision has yet to be determined.

“We like the platform, we appreciate his commitment to the lower nose garden, and the video speaks for itself,” he added. “It’s a process, but we are hopeful, and of course, 38 percent better looking.