J. Edgar, a Movie Review

On November 9, 2011, by AMI Staff

Okay, first things first: Early in the new film “J. Edgar” starting Leonardo DiCaprio, there’s a key scene in which J. Edgar Hoover kicks out a G-Man for sporting a mustache. The poor guy tells J. Edgar that the ladies loved it which, it turns out, is the wrong thing to say to this revisionist version of J. Edgar.

DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover

If that scene doesn’t fill you with rage, there’s also the wiretapping of Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jack Kennedy, only brief moments of cool gunplay and a scene where J. Edgar gets pinned to the ground and kissed by his “lifelong companion” Clyde Tolson.

In the title role, Leo DeCaprio wears six hours worth of prosthetic makeup for about half the movie, but the movie may be stolen by Armie Hammer who plays Tolson – he’s the guy who, through the miracle of technology, played the Winkelvoss twins in “The Social Network.”

At two hours and 17 min., it’s a long way to go to get to the rosebud scene, but Leo’s a lot of fun to watch and they drag in some historical figures for loopy moments like Nixon using the foul language he loved so much to great effect.

Oh yeah, Leo puts on a dress.

2.5 stars.