Huntsman's Loin Leftovers

Last week, Future President Herman Cain’s chief of staff  shot this video. In his typical tough talking, chain smoking manner, Mark Block tells us what Mustached America already knows — that his boss will soon be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

We’d embed the video, but as Mustached Americans are incapable of operating social media tools correctly, we can only give you the campaign video link as the embedding has been disabled. Regardless, however, it’s tough talk indeed.

In response, the three lovely ladies who sprung from the loins of bare-lipped Republican presidential hopeful John Huntsman — known as the Jon2012Girls – are taking it to Block and the entire camp of Future President Herman Cain, who of course has been officially endorsed by the American Mustache Institute.

And while the girls try to bring the battle to Future President Cain’s doorstep by assuming the sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle with faux lower nose garments — there is no substitute for the real, hairy, flavor saving thing.

Cain and his lip garment leave the Huntsman trio in the dust.