Stout Industries revolutionary new “’Stache Yourself” Metal Mirror has been named “The Official Mirror of the American Mustache Institute” and has become the first officially licensed mustached-based product by AMI.

“Our studies show that a mustache increases anyone’s good looks by 38 percent,” said Dr. Aaron Xavier Perlut, Chairman of the AMI. “The mirror is a critical tool for proper grooming, and Stout’s new ‘Stache Yourself Metal Mirror is not only the perfect tool, its product characteristics are analogous with the sexually dynamic lifestyle of the typical mustached American:  Indestructible and Good Looking.”

Headquartered in St. Louis, the 125-year-old Stout Industries is a leading manufacturer of permanent and durable Point-of-Sale signage and Imaging Fascia.  Its core customer base is comprised of large consumer product companies, advertising agencies and petroleum companies.

Earlier this year Stout invented and launched the Metal Mirror — now on sale on AMI’s site for just $9.95 – and the response has been extremely positive.

“Glass mirrors are a staple of the POS industry, but they are expensive to manufacture, and extremely expensive to ship,” said Stout Industries President Pat Conners. “As we challenge ourselves to continuously introduce exciting new products, the development of the Metal Mirror was a perfect fit to our product offering.  We’re extremely proud that the American Mustache Institute has given us its seal of approval, and we expect great benefit through this association.”

To help kick off the alliance, the AMI is featuring its own Metal Mirror on it’s website, where members can purchase it for $9.95 along with other AMI merchandise.

Stout employees also kicked off a critical Stout Mustache Campaign by entering a mustache growing contest.  AMI officials will judge the employee contestants at Stout’s annual holiday party December 22.

“As we build awareness, we expect the metal mirror to be a staple of our product line,” said Conners, who also noted that the company has a patent application pending approval on the product. “We’re starting to see the volume pick up.  The NBA just placed a large order to help kick off their season.”

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