The Anguish of a Young Mustached American

On December 14, 2011, by AMI Staff

The following is a special contribution from Mustached American teen Caleb Brookhart who attends and plays lacrosse for North Carroll High School in Hampstead, Maryland.

Caleb's growing 'stache: there is no such thing as a bad mustache - just bad peopel who do not own nor operate mustaches

“Cum Catcher,” “Dirty Sanchez,” “Pube ‘Stache” — these are just some of the derogatory names that have been shouted at me since I made the life changing decision to grow a lip sweater at the tender age of 17.

Since I was a young lad — around ten years old — I have always been fascinated and committed to growing a fine mustache.

As you know, the discrimination brought against us people of Mustached Heritage is tremendous and can be somewhat overwhelming. Just a month after I grew my flavor saver, the torment became too much to handle and I broke down and shaved.

This was also known to my friends and family as my rock bottom.

If I would have discovered the American Mustache Institute before I shaved, my mustache could’ve been saved.

I know what it is like to have no mustached brethren to turn to. I want to encourage and support anyone who makes the commitment to growing the almighty mustache and I feel like the American Mustache Institute is the perfect outlet for me to do this through.

My name is Caleb Brookhart, and I have a dream, a dream that someday Mustached Brethren can unite and have others to turn to when they get down about their mustaches.


  • Hollyrd

    Is there a mustache support group for wives and girlfriends, who really do like the ‘stache, but feel the ridicule of others as their man’s ‘stache is the butt of jokes and pokes?  People don’t even believe me when I state how much I love the mustache.  Even my12 year old son has one, I encourage it, he is proud of it.

    • Aaron Perlut

      Not officially but we’d be willing to support you if you were to create one as an AMI affiliate organization

  • Caleb Brookhart

    If A.M.I. Offers internships I would love to do one