After barnstorming the Nation’s Capitol in support of the proposed Stache Act (details and white paper here), the office of of Maryland 6th district U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett informed the American Mustache Institute that the congressman has begun the process of ensuring the ‘Stache Act becomes law by passing the proposal to the House Ways and Means Committee for study — an essential first step for tax legislation.

“Congressman Bartlett has referred their proposal to the Ways and Means Committee, without commenting on the merit of the bill,” Lisa Wright, Bartlett’s press secretary, told Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard.

And despite the promising development, AMI leadership is taking a measured approach.

“There is a long road ahead for this important legislation,” said AMI Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abraham Jonas Froman, noting the proposal will now likely be scrutinized by this august group of legislators. “We thank Representative Bartlett for stepping forward in the fight for fiscal parity for people of facial hair — both women and men.”

For each participant in AMI’s campaign to secure passage of the Stache Act — either at or at the Million Mustache March on April 1 in Washington — H&R Block has agreed to make a charitable contribution to Millions From One, which brings clean drinking water to those who cannot obtain it themselves.

The video below catalogues AMI’s efforts over the past week in Washington, including a kickoff news conference on Capitol Hill, meetings with the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, and leading-edge think tank the Cato Institute, along with thoughts from other Washington insiders.

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  • wrella

    This is a colossal misstep on the part of H&R Block. This marketing campaign is now costing the taxpayer’s money. This will not stand, I assure you. If it’s not illegal it’s most assuredly immoral as the U.S. is now so low on funds we’re cutting into pay and benefits for active-duty and retired military. Shame on all of you!

  • John Lifsey

    Looks like you just made the front page of SweetBeard. Beard and Mustache supporters unite!

  • Flgrl00

    I find this to bee sexist and a waste of government money and time! If this actually gets passes I want a tax break for having long hair and for dying it I need at least a $500 deduction! 

    • Aaron Perlut

      Actually, it covers women as well who must invest in facial hair grooming so not sexist whatsoever.