It’s written in the Dead Sea Scrolls that, “Each time a mustache is shaved, an angel in heaven dies and falls to earth.” Hence, even aged Americans remain Mustached Americans. It’s called “the Wilford Brimley effect.”

It is with this in mind that each of the past nine years the Boom Foundation — based in Chicago which was recognized by AMI as “America’s Most Mustache Friendly City” — has held its Mustachio Bashio charitable fundraiser to support Boom’s focus on organizing and inspiring younger individuals to help relieve isolation and poverty within the elderly communities of Chicago, Dallas, and Ohio.

The event will be held March 3 at 8pm at John Barleycorn in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, which has terrible club music playing when you visit its website. And most important, the coveted honor of “Mustache King of Chicago” will be named.

“Sadly, the judges at last year’s Bash failed to notice how my Salvatore Ferragamo loafers and cashmere sweater perfectly complimented my handlebar mustache,” said top contender Jamie Barakat, also the Boom Foundation’s director of finance. “I hope this year’s judges award additional points for style, because if this were a contest for ‘Best Dressed Male,’ I would have already been handed the award.”

For more information about the 9th Annual Mustachio Bashio, visit the Boom Foundation online, or email Boom Foundation director of development Jamie Buckley at

You’re welcome.