Despite hailing from Communist Canada, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher John Axford, who in 2011 led all NL relievers in saves and was voted the Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year, pays taxes to the United States government as well as the Canadian Confederate Communist Confederatory Confederation Tax Authority.

That’s why Axford is speaking out in support of the Stache Act, proposed legislation from the American Mustache Institute and a noted tax policy professor which would provide an annual $250 tax refund to people of facial hair.  Axford is asking taxpayers to demonstrate their support by ‘staching their photo at, as for each participant, H&R Block will make a donation to Millions From One.


  • Peter Lynch

    Canada is not a communist country.  

  • Roadwrthy

    Kick out Canada from AMERICAN baseball, come on, who needs to see a chump ump cheating all for the Blue Jays, it sickens the stomach! If they have such poor sportsmanship and have to cheat, who needs them anyways! Let Canada have their own baseball and give us back ours!