With the Million Mustache March drawing near on April 1 (sign up here) and the American Mustache Institute hard at work on the campaign trail seeking support for the groundbreaking Stache Act tax legislation, the organization has come under tepid criticism for suggesting that both presidential candidate Ron Paul and the staff of Republican front-runner Mitt Romney have agreed to back the proposed legislation or are deeply considering adoption respectively.

Today, however, AMI offers irrefutable proof of support for the Stache Act from future President of the United States Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party.

Consumers are asked to join future President McMillan in demonstrating their support either by ‘staching their photos at StacheAct.com or joining AMI on April 1 in Washington for the Million Mustache March.  And for each supporter, H&R Block will make a charitable contribution to Millions From One.

‘Stache yourself for charity at StacheAct.com