An American Hero, Rep. Bartlett

Gutless and shameful State of Maryland Delegate Kathy Afzali, who continues to cling to her misguided fantasy that she has the intellectual capability to overtake and replace Mustached American Maryland 6th District U.S . Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, has lisped her way through an infantile video attacking the Congressman for his support of the groundbreaking proposed Stache Act legislation.

As we wrote in early March, because she has little substance to her campaign, Ms. Afazali is simply sitting on sidelines and doing nothing but criticizing her colleagues and opponents, finding it more productive to attack the kindness of a congressional office she can only dream of occupying. They grandstand about the government waste which they themselves largely create, and their useless and argumentative banter is what is definitively wasteful and wrong.

Worse yet, the American Mustache Institute officially requested a interview with Ms. Afzali to defend her dwarfed opinion about the Stache Act and her camp refused.

Please be sure to visit her campaign Facebook page or contact her through her campaign election website and tell her that her tactics represent everything that is wrong with America and Delaware.

  • SDGully

    LOL! Dufus!

  • Casey Kleinfelt

    Shes just jealous that 1. she cant grow a mustache (then again maybe she can), and 2. she doesnt have an awesome name like Roscoe.

  • Very Informed in Maryland

    Always find it interesting to see an article or a post by people who are totally out of touch and misinformed. Delegate Afzali is aware that there is a lot more wrong with the state of Maryland and this country than whether those with mustaches get tax breaks. These bigger issues are what Roscoe and his staff should be working on.  Stating that there is “no substance” to Mrs. Afzali’s campaign again just shows that you have not done any research.  Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word “misinformed” but really ”uninformed”. 

  • Michael Deangelo

    They’re both wrong – First, I can’t believe there is actually something called a “mustache” organization but hey, that’s fine if this group just wants to have a “club”….The problem is 3 Fold ; (1) – Why is it every time the Government comes up with an idea, we have to put our in our pocket?  (2): To give such a tax break as this, where then do tax breaks stop?  Because MEN can grow facial hair, what if tomorrow a counter argument is made, creating a tax break for facial makeup?  A tax break for being pregnant Or, wearing high heels, citing it as “The sore leg tax”..?

    And finally #3:  The State Of Maryland is CALIFORNIA EAST.  The people, the State and the laws are pure liberal liquid.  They never met a tax or think of something they can tax….I have to say, I’ve been here in MD for about a year…And Frankly this State is a tax nightmare