Ron Paul Endorses Stache Act

On March 17, 2012, by AMI Staff

On the campaign trail in support of the proposed Stache Act, presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul looks like he may be giving the proposed legislation his unwavering support. To demonstrate support, consumers are asked to either ‘stache their photos at or to join the American Mustache Institute on April 1 in Washington for the Million Mustache March. And for each supporter, H&R Block will make a charitable contribution to Millions From One.

Watch Congressman Paul’s possible endorsement of the Stache Act.


  • David L Rattigan

    If I were an American voter, Ron Paul would have my support. Few candidates have the political balls to make a stand for mustaches.

    • Jaed Deaj

      “politicians” lack the balls to do ANYTHING that doesn’t have a large sums of cash handed to them with it. Constitution? What’s that? Freedom, liberty? Never heard of it.  Constitutional limits on govt? you must be delusional….

  • Brett Banditelli

    Ya, that makes sense, defunding the government some more. Then he can argue it doesn’t work

    • Jaed Deaj

      Hey, heres an idea of how you can COMPLETELY fund the govt. and never have to worry about making any of those nasty little decisions for yourself, like what you can eat, wear, say, do, etc.  First, let’s take EVERYONE and tax them at 150% of their income so we can “pay on the debt” which is at @ $100,000 per every man, woman, boy and girl in the U.S. Second, to take care of that nasty “terrorist” problem keeping them out from under your bed, make sure EVERYONE is legal in everything they do 24-7, we’ll station an FBI, NSA, CIA  agent, and govt. controlled cameras in EVERY room of your house. We wouldn’t want you “messing up” in the bedroom and doing things of which the govt. doesn’t approve. Of course, we’ll need USDA inspectors, to ensure you cook, store, buy the “right” kind of items for your family, etc. Along with the “security” to “ensure your safety,” we’ll station armed forces troops at your house, just in case a terrorist fight breaks out in your living room. Btw, you’ve got to pay for the upkeep of all these people and don’t forget your mandatory charity donation to help the poor and needy. And of course, we’ll need a regulator living in your house from all the other Fed agencies that pass laws but aren’t elected by you. (Equal rights, ya know. Can’t discriminate. If we put one federal agency Rep in your house we have to put at least one from all depts., and a representative of each minority, class, etc. from each Fed agency so we don’t discriminate)

      You say, “How can we pay for all that?” Pish-posh. That’s the beauty of it. We’ve never worried about paying for any of it before, why start worrying NOW. Let’s just get anything we want and sing “on the good ship, lollipop” as our titanic sinks. Scared? Start a govt. program looking for boogeymen under your bed.  Afraid the economy is going to crash? Print more funny money. Need a job? Get the govt. to HIRE everyone that way everyone is hired and has a job. (They’ll need it to pay taxes ….) The govt. is a great big old “make a wish” foundation. Make your dreams come true! Are you mad because they picked on you in second grade? It’s the govt’s. fault. Make them pay! You’re a minority. Life hasn’t been fair to you. It’s the govt’s job to make life fair for you and EVERYONE pay for it.

      Wouldn’t it be great living in such a society? Never have to worry about ‘terrorists”, decisions, thinking, just let everyone tell you what to do, how to do it, when to do, or if to do it. All for your “safety”, “convenience”, morality, etc. Wouldn’t you feel so loved by your govt. that they took so much concern for your health, safety and well being that they actually live with you? 

      Reps and Dems who believe in big government, are you ready to support this plan? The govt. will be your mommy and daddy forever and tuck you in at night; after removing “terrorists” and other boogeymen from your bed and closet, of course.


  • Erica

    I am in that video!