One of the principal reasons that Chicago was named “America’s Most Mustache-Friendly City” in 2011 was due to the high concentration of Mustached American police officers — by far the most mustache-heavy profession in America as 97.8 percent of law enforcement agencies issue mustaches to new recruits along with weapons, uniforms and badges.

This week — in the midst of our push for the Stache Act tax deduction — we were kindly reminded of the Mustached American commitment of our nation’s finest when we received these photos from Officer Eric Holt of the Village of Greendale (Wis.) Police Department.





















  • Operator49

    Love the pics… that’s a riot!!  but y’all look GOOD!!

  • Jacob Simpson

    This is a splendiferous post. I am
    an undergraduate student, and just finished a research paper on the influence
    of the mustache on pop culture. This website was a crucial source of
    information that I utilized to glean the proper information I needed to craft a
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    great men throughout history who wore the lip sweater, and more recently the
    men who pioneered the mustache into cultural acceptance, led me to grow my own
    mustache in preparation to become a Police Officer in Oakland, CA. I am
    appreciative of this post because I am able to better relate to already sworn
    officers. I feel like the mustache is more than a paltry growth. It is a symbol
    of manhood, a symbol of unity. Learning the Stache Act was killed only
    strengthened my resolve to carry on the proud tradition of mustaches. I pledge
    to do my part and “Carry the Torch” as I begin my career in Law Enforcement. I
    offer my thanks to the AMI faculty, and encourage them in their pursuit of
    universal mustache acceptance. 

  • mustachedamerican4life

    I believe the officer’s name is Eric Voit*. I know him personally, exemplary mustached American Cop.

  • Eoven

    those are some beautiful staches..they look like they mean business

  • Toptobottom76

    They look like 70′s porn stars