Graduating senior Edward John Prinz has claimed the most coveted scholarship at Jensen Beach (Florida) High School as the South Florida Chapter of the American Mustache Institute named him the recipient of the fourth annual American Mustache Institute Mustached American Folicular Excellence Scholarship.

Heinz (left) awards Prinz his firm handshake

“Never has there been a more deserving winner,” said South Florida Chapter President and Bureau Chief Hans Heinz.  “He’s also our first scholarship recipient with a mother-luvin’ handle bar mustache, which does not suck.”

The high honor, which in 2011 was won by Kent Adam Hughes, is presented each June and open to graduating Mustached American men and women at Jensen Beach High.  Recipients are selected based on their lower nose fur as well as community work battling for Mustached American equality, and each candidate is judged by a select group of Mustached Floridians including Heinz.

The winner receives a certificate of the honor, a firm hand shake from Heinz and photograph commemorating the event, a copy of Hall & Oates Greatest Hits, and a $5 scholarship to be spent on tuition room and board books or any entertainment that consists of Mr. T or dwarf wrestling.

With a lip garment rivaling Mustached American icon Rollie Fingers, Prinz beat out dozens of men and women from his graduating class of JBHS. His intense preparation for the competition included:

  • A nightly regimen of wrapping his upper lip with a piece of raw thick cut bacon, and then frying the bacon he’d used each morning for breakfast;
  • Listening to speed metal and the audio from classic Hulk Hogan matches from his WWF years on headphones while he slept to boost testosterone levels;
  • Watching at least one Burt Reynolds movie a night for a month, and sometimes followed that up with an episode of Magnum P.I.;
  • And camping outside the museum dedicated to Mr. Reynolds in nearby Jupiter Florida on weekends.

“Just being near where Mr. Reynolds might have actually walked helped my lip sweater greatly,” he said. “I went through a dozen pillow cases and fifteen pounds of bacon but it was all worth it.”

Prinz said he will celebrate by visiting the Everglades and wrestling wild alligators.

“It’s just something I like to do when I’m pumped,” he said.

He plans on a career in the music industry he has been working diligently to prepare for the life of being a Roadie.

“It’s gonna be me and the open road,” he added while looking into the distance.  “It will be my mustache that will guide me.”