Mustached American icon Romeo Dance Cheetah’s complete catalog of face-melting, high-impact and cocksure air guitar splendicularity will be on full display on Tuesday night’s (August 14) episode of America’s Got Talent airing at 8pm EST / 7pm CT.

Mr. Dance Cheetah, who also performs in the groundbreaking music group The Flavor Savers and has worked as a stunt double for Ron Jeremy, says he looks forward to bringing his special brand of nipple-exploding air guitar to NBC’s airwaves.

“Tuesday night, AGT will stand for for ‘Air Guh Tar,’” said Mr. Dance Cheetah, who in fact, has twice eat a dancing cheetah. “It’s exciting to bring air guitar to national TV.  But I find the television medium limiting as when moms flash me from the comforts of their own home, I cannot see it. That being said, NBC estimates 20 million people will be exposed to my performance, and if half are women, I estimate that 20 million breasticularities will be exposed. And that’s good for America.”

Having traveled to and performed at ‘Stache Bashes 2009-11, as well as following the Million Mustache March in Washington, D.C. — all in support of the sexually dynamic Mustached American movement — people of Mustached American descent are expected to support and vote for Mr. Dance Cheetah in droves, moving him forward to the next round of America’s Got Talent.