The end of March came with a resounding roar of good looking awesomeness.  Indeed, you might of heard it if you anywhere Port Salerno, Fla. — the site of the 2nd annual Moustachio Bashio.  The American Mustache Institute partnered with Mustache March for the Military to raise money for the families of fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, with all proceeds benefitting the families of fallen soldiers through the Joe Lusk Memorial Fund and the Aaron Vaghn Memorial Fund.

Austin Tyo and veteran Kyle Rhodes

Austin Tyo and veteran Kyle Rhodes

The event took place at the splendid Pirate’s Cove Resort, and in the shadow of the 30 foot boats two champions were crowned.  The first category of “Veteran” ‘stache went to Kyle Rhodes who came away easily with the victory sporting a solid handle bar mustache that would intimidate the icon Rollie Fingers.  Kyle, a local yoga instructor, was absolutely thrilled by the honor and planned to celebrate by, “making sweet, sweet love to as many women as he could in the next twenty fours,” in spite of being a yoga instructor.

The “Man Among Men” mustache category required participants to shave clean March 1st and then return to the competition March 29th and see what there testosterone could produce.  From a field of more than twenty contestants including last year’s winner Gary “Duke” Ducote, a winner emerged out of the stiff competition.  Austin Tyo came from behind with a classic “brush” style mustache, attributing his mustache’s thickness and overall full-bodied feel to doing pushups while watching NASCAR.  He then proved his mettle by pumping out several one handed pushups for the judges (while holding his beer in the other hand).

Winners received a trophy, a firm handshake from American Mustache Institute South Florida Chapter President and Bureau Chief Hans Heinz, a photograph of the hand shake, and the knowledge that they more many than everyone in the entire establishment.

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