Last week, the American Mustache Institute announced its first change in leadership since 1989, along with plans to move the organization’s current corporate headquarters in St. Louis, as well as ‘Stache Bash 2013, to Pittsburgh.

Dr. Aaron Xavier Perlut, CNM, who has led the world’s leading facial hair advocacy organization since 1989, announced he would step down and hand over day-to-day leadership authority to Pittsburgh resident Dr. Adam Paul Causgrove.

In handing over power, Dr. Perlut presented Dr. Causgrove with the traditional ceremonial Billy Ocean cassette tape and tear-away white satin pants. Relive it below.

You’re welcome.

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  • RadPirateship

    This is fantastic trolling, way to go Causi.

  • Guy Manningham

    Welcome to Pittsburgh, fellow Mustachians.

  • Longtrailahead

    This is wonderful news for not only Pittsburgh, but Pennsylvania as well! Congrat’s to Dr. Adam Paul Causgrove, on your most newest endeavor at the helm of this most important organization for moustache lifestyle and education. A big round of applause and thanks as well to Dr. Aaron Perlut, for your years worth of service and leadership – “Here Here!”