AMI Seeks New Greatest Sports Mustache

On May 6, 2014, by AMI Staff

Mustache Screen Capture

With Keith Hernandez having shaved, and thus shamed, his way out of the “Greatest Sports Mustache” title as voted on by the general public in 2007, the American Mustache Institute today launched an endeavor with real-time fan opinion mobile app SportsCstr to find a new greatest sports mustache based on public opinion.

Voting will occur over the next three months and be broken into voting groups of three great sports mustaches at a time and conducted through the SportsCstr app, which can be downloaded for free in the iTunes store or at

The first voting group includes luminaries Hulk Hogan, Lanny McDonald, and Rollie Fingers. Nominations for future voting segments can be emailed to

And ultimately AMI officials will compile the top vote-getters from each segment until there are two finalists and a new “Greatest Sports Mustache” champion can be crowned, admired and adored for all the ages.

Good luck, and may the ‘stache be with you.