Mustached Americans have spent many nights considering the finer points of Pamela Anderson, even after Tommy Lee jack-hammered her on his boat and Kid Rock provided Ms. Anderson with a generous case of Hepatitis C. Indeed, we always assumed that our tastes in women were in the majority — from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna, Charlize Theron, Betty White, and everyone in between. We assumed that blondes were the archetypes of what a man — even bare faced mortal men — want in a woman.

Alas, recently GirlsAskGuys released the results of a survey of some 600 men and women in which consumers were asked about preferences in hair color in the opposite sex. Both genders under 30 overwhelmingly said they preferred brunettes to both blondes and redheads. More than 65 percent of women said they prefer brunette men versus blondes (20 percent) and redheads (15 percent); while 49 percent of men said they prefer brunettes versus redheads (30 percent) and blondes (21 percent). In particular, males under age 18 are the most attracted to brunettes, with 55 percent choosing them over redheads and blondes.

Apparently, the Mustached American community must rethink its visual imagery material.


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