You may have never heard of a Canadian person of facial hair named Chris Hadfield. But he is a hero to people of Mustached American heritage, the weaker Canadian species, and people of Delaware.

If you visit Hadfield’s website, one of the first things you read about him is, “A moustache can tell you a lot about a man. When properly administered, it can say, ‘this man has commanded spacecraft,’ ‘this man escorted Soviet bombers out of Canadian airspace,’ or ‘this man lived in a research vessel at the bottom of the ocean.’ These can be tall orders to live up to – having a moustache is a big responsibility.”

Heavy praise for a man with a fine face forestry unit, but who is he? In short, Hadfield is a decorated astronaut and the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station.

Huzzah for space. Huzzah for facial hair.

This week he released a book, “You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes,” featuring his breathtaking photos from the International Space Station which are apparently available for purchase on large canvases at Great BIG Canvas.

For a group of people who must work harder to reach for the stars, ahem, Hadfield’s photos are a remarkable collection fit for a sexually dynamic man of facial hair. See just a few below.

Peeking Outside - the harshly-lit Station against the velvet blackness of forever

The Pyramids at Giza, Egypt

Delta Del Ebre, Spain - echoing patterns that swirl into the sea

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