Yesterday the American Mustache Institute, in partnership with City of Pittsburgh officials and supported by Wahl Grooming, unveiled perhaps the most important Hall of Fame in history: The Mustache Hall of Fame. Revisit some of those ceremonies:

  • Jonathan Root

    Cool, idea. But the video should have told us all the names of those inducted.

    • Dr. Abraham Jonas Froman

      Thanks Jonathan. It’s not our video. Ours is coming soon.

  •! Longtrailahead

    Though he was often much laughed at for his persistent digestive issues of belching and flatulence, there is most certainly nothing funny at all that can be said in the same manner regarding the moustache of which President William Howard Taft wore on his face. “Congratulations WHT, and too all the other selections of this inaugural class as well,” for being game-changers in whatever discipline they so specialized in, all while choosing to be moustached.