Schibel Mourns Mustache After Barbershop Mishap

On March 3, 2016, by AMI Staff

More than three years ago, Los Angeles-area marketing professional Mike Schibel discovered and accepted a sexually dynamic Mustached Americana into his life. He embraced his lower nose foliage with great fervor and laser cocksmanship, growing his mustache to rugged density and impressive flavor-savability ratings.  Then came a visit to Floyd’s Barberhop in Venice, Calif., and in an instant, everything changed.

“I was told my normal barber was out and I would be seeing a woman who trimmed my ‘stache two weeks earlier,” he recounted, near tears. “I got comfortable in the chair. I must have passed out for a moment or two after that as the next thing I know, I asked how much of my ‘stache she was trimming as i could feel she started to go around the top. I sat up to my horror found the barber had shaved off my mustache.”

Horror indeed. And as “each time a mustache is shaved, an angel in heaven dies and falls to earth” according to biblical texts, we at the American Mustache Institute offer a prayer for Schibel’s luxurious lip sweater and provide this video in memoriam of the life it lived.






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