With the Mustache Hall of Fame induction scheduled for March 11 in Pittsburgh, important questions loom. Take, for example the case of the music act The Whispers.

In 1964 in Watts, Calif., The Whispers formed with original members including twin brothers Wallace “Scotty” and Walter Scott, along with Gordy Harmon, Marcus Hutson and Nicholas Caldwell. Scotty Scott’s fluid, melodic voice is featured on virtually all of their hits, as the group scored numerous on both the R&B and Billboard Hot 100 charts throughout the 1970s and 1980s, peaking at #1 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart in 1980 with “And the Beat Goes On / “Can You Do the Boogie” / “Out the Box”. In 1987, they enjoyed a brief tenure in the Top 10 when “Rock Steady” became their first Top 10 success on the Hot 100, reaching #7, while also capturing the #1 spot on the R&B chart.

Yet beyond all of their musical success, where The Whispers truly excel is with the band’s commitment to the sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle. And whereas the music spectrum is littered with great Mustached Americans ranging from Barry White to Freddy Mercury to Frank Zappa and more — The Whispers just may quality as the greatest Mustached American-centric band of all time, and thus for entry into the Mustache Hall of Fame come March 11.








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