Billy Dee Comes Home to Every Time

On April 27, 2016, by AMI Staff

While many in America had abandoned the sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle in the 1980s, Billy Dee Williams embraced it. The man “Star Wars” fanatics know only as Lando Calrissian epitomized the core essence of 1980s-era mustache culture as the spokesman for Colt 45, ensuring viewers understood the fundamental fact that the malt liquor worked “every time.”

And just when we thought Williams’ term as the Mayor of Laser Cocksmanship was gone, he reappears with nasal forestry unit firmly in place. Indeed, the Mustached American community can rejoice as Billy Dee has reprised his role as the Colt 45′s spokesman, but this time his signature smirk and mustache are emblazoned on the can.

Why not? It works every time.