Decade_of_Mustache_Banner2016While founded in 1965, the American Mustache Institute (AMI) first entered the public consciousness in 2006, exploding onto the scene in a cloud of rugged good looks at a time when facial hair was deemed unacceptable in broader social and professional circles.

Over the past decade, AMI’s militant advocacy and laser cocksmanship changed the way sexually dynamic mammals perceive and accept mustaches, beards and goatees — and the impact has dramatically enhanced rugged good looks on a global scale while ushering facial hair into popular prominence to the point where douchebags like Ryan Seacrest and Joe Buck now wear beards.

To commemorate, AMI will hold a “Decade of Mustache” celebration on Aug. 6 beginning at 2pm in downtown St. Louis. Please RSVP on Facebook here, and the day’s events include:mustache-weekend-094

Accommodations are available for out-of-town attendees and a special rate has been established at The Cheshire St. Louis reserved under “American Mustache Institute.” Reservations can be made here.

For information about the event, please email or call 877-STACHE-1.