It’s May which of course means award season as the American Mustache Institute recognizes great young minds in the facial hair world. And for the fifth year, a graduating senior at Jenson Beach (Florida) High School benefitted from AMI’s austerity.

IMG_6795Jacob Cryderman became the fifth and perhaps most deeply committed recipient of the honor cited by High Times Magazine as possibly “the most coveted scholarship in the U.S.,” — the American Mustache Institute’s 2016 Folicular Excellence Scholarship, awarded by the AMI South Florida Chapter.

“I first heard about this scholarship when I was in sixth grade, and I can’t believe I’ve won!” said Cryderman, who beat out dozens of deserving graduating men and women this year with his Doc Holiday-inspired lower nose garment.

Years of preparation brought him to this point as Cryderman adopted a strict training regimen and diet steeped in bacon and Slim Jims. According to his Mustached Americana mentors, he studied hours of NASCAR footage over the past three years and became a registered chainsaw artist and buoyed his training by becoming the first student to graduate high school with his associates degree in Mustache Studies through ITT’s online program.

“He’s a tremendous young man,” said AMI South Florida Chapter President Hans Heinz, who this year opened the competition to any graduating senior in Martin County Florida. ”His thick and luxurious lip sweater eclipsed all competitors and his attitude has made many apathetic teens realize that they need to get going with their lives.”

AMI’s Folicular Excellence Scholarship, last won by Edward John Prinz who also graduated from Jensen Beach High School, is the only one of it’s kind with the winner receiving a certificate of accomplishment, a firm hand shake from Heinz, a photo of said handshake, “Hall and Oates Greatest Hits” compact disc, and a five dollar scholarship to be spent on room and board, tuition or entertainment consisting of Mr. T.

What’s next for Cryderman? He plans include travel to Pacific Northwest with sights focused on a career as a lumberjack.

“I have my backpack ready and after I walk across the graduation stage I will continue walking all the way to Washington State,” he said.

When told Washington was more than 3,00 miles away from Florida, Cryderman simply responded, “Goddamn right it is.”