It’s an understood reality that Louis C.K. leads the life of a double minority: A person of Mustached American heritage and a ginger. Indeed, if you added in his mid-section heft and baldness to the mix, without his celebrity his standing would be that of a one-eyed horseshoe fitter at best in broader society.

But his celebrity is key as the man is unquestionably funny. That is why he is able to find willing bedmates as well as why the new – which today launched in app stores after a three-week beta – found his standup routines to be the most streamed among some 400 of the top comics dead or alive including Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and even Mustached American legends George Carlin and Weird Al Yankovic.

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Why should people of Mustached American heritage car about

Quite simply, the platform is much like Spotify or Pandora yet focused solely on standup comedy. But while Pandora matches tones of tracks to build the perfect radio station, was built around the transcription of every track from speech to text which was then studied to find the context of the joke.

Hence, if your Mustached American spirit wants to make fun of douchenozzles wearing biking shorts in coffee shops – you can do it. If you hate Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or both and want jokes about them – done. If you (God forbid) want to hear mustache jokes – easy.

There’s plenty of people of facial hair featured in addition to Louis C.K. on the platform including the aforementioned Carlin and Yankovic, Eddie Murphy, Sarah Silverman, Jeff Foxworthy, Gallagher and as well as bare-faced mortals who we like such as Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari, Daniel Tosh and more.

And most important – in the promotional video – features a massively bearded ginger who’s facial fur may, in fact, have it’s own zip code.