The Big Thank You

On November 18, 2016, by AMI Staff

We at your American Mustache Institute are eternally and handsomely thankful for the support we receive from our good friends at CanYouHandlebar – and they are grateful for all of your rugged good looks Tagainand commitment to our shared lifestyle.  This holiday season, CYHB is giving away three massive prize packs to individuals who accept and manifest all that is right with the sexually dynamic facial-haired lifestyle.

Check out details for the contest HERE and how to enter for the chance to win a prize from the AMI and other venerable institutions promoting excellence in facial landscaping.

Without the support of CanYouHandlebar, the American Mustache Institute would not be able to operate as the world’s leading facial hair advocacy group.  We continue to fight for your rights and to espouse the myriad benefits to living our extremely good-looking lifestyle.  Mr. T approves, and should you.


Dr. Keith VonGeiger

Director of Community Outreach and  Professor Emeritus of Algonquin Beard Studies

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