If you don’t know who Romeo Dance Cheetah is by now, you probably don’t like fun, smiling, laughing or sexual dynamism. Just a few career highlights (for those living under a gigantic boulder) include:

  1. Former United States Air Guitar Champion with performances on “America’s Got Talent” and “The Today Show” where he taught Al Roker to rock (Al Rocker);
  2. Member of the most heterosexual music act in history, The Flavor Savers, with credits including the Bonnaroo music festival;
  3. And most recently elevating into flamboyant rock’n’roll icon status, releasing his debut solo album called “Magnificent Man.” With a title like that, we’re assuming it’s autobiographical in nature.

We recently reached out to Mr. Dance Cheetah for an exclusive conversation about “Magnificent Man” (pre-order here), an album we found to be demonstratively fun, breezy, and it’s good old fashioned rock’n’roll baby. But instead of doing the traditional, old-school interview where AMI asks all tough questions every wants to know, Mr. Dance Cheetah generously offered to double the pleasure of this intensely personal Q&A by instead, posing the questions himself.

We agreed. How could we possibly turn down the chance to witness a conversation between a former Air Guitar Champion and himself. No other publication in the world, other than Facebook, has this kind of access ladies and gentlemen. Without further a-doo, here’s Romeo talking to himself about the release of his new album.


Interviewer Romeo: So Romeo, how does it feel?

Mr. Dance Cheetah: How does what feel?

Both in unison: To be fantasized about by so many ladies and dudes as they reach climax during sexual intercourse?

Both in unison: Pretty good, it feels pretty good.

(End of conversation)

That’s all Romeo provided us from his conversation with himself. But we would like to highly encourage you to join his album release and pre-order today. He’s releasing through a platform called Pledge Music as a way for fans to join in on the creative process. When you signup, you’ll get all kinds of whacky behind the scenes updates and even get to vote on things like album art and track listing to help complete the project. Pretty frickin’ cool.

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