The American Mustache Institute today introduced a pool of seven finalists for the 2017-18 Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award presented by CanYouHandlebar, an honor often compared to the Nobel Prize for Peace and High Times Magazine Man of the Year.

James Harden


After sifting through some 750 nominations from across the worldwide facial hair community and general public alike, AMI’s Certified Mustacheology Analysis Unit (CMAC) narrowed the group to seven prospective winners of the Goulet Award (voting here), which memorializes the late crooner Robert Goulet and will be announced October 28 at a rousing ceremony in Pittsburgh.

Among the 2017-18 Goulet finalists are:

  • Brisk-bearded, highly celebrated country music phenom Wheeler Walker, Jr., whose first album, “Redneck Shit,” debuted at #9 on the country music charts and is now being followed by his ballyhooed sophomore effort, “Ol’ Wheeler.”
  • Bearded National Basketball League star James Harden of the Houston Rockets, the 2016-17 NBA most valuable player runner up, who has ushered the beard back into prominence in professional hoops.
  • United States Congressional candidate Randy Bryce who is challenging Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for his seat in the upcoming midterm election.
  • Entertainer Matthew “Romeo Dance Cheetah” Cornelison, who recently released his first solo record after years as leader of The Flavor Savers and being the 2010 U.S. Air Guitar Champion.
  • Online retail executive and innovator Ben “Smoochies” Lauderdale of Shinesty, creator of the new “ball hammock” and denim-like speedo swim brief “Daytona Dong Sarong.”
  • Major League Baseball player Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers who led his team to a historic season and into MLB’s 2017 playoffs.
  • Laser-targeted, award-winning newsman John Stossel who continues to pave the way for Mustached American journalists as one of the few on broadcast television today with lower nose foliage.


Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 2.00.03 PM


“Much like the late Herve Villechaize, the group is small group but sexually dynamic and full of power,” said AMI chief executive Dr. Adam Paul Causgrove. “I also think the inclusion of bearded cocksmen like Wheeler, Harden and Turner deepens the unification of the mustached and bearded peoples into one deeply united facial hair community as strong and lethal as the Israeli military. But overall the pool, without question, is a robust, ruggedly attractive group for the world to savor and vote upon.”

Romeo Dance Cheetah

The 2016-17 winner, mosquito termination expert Charles Abadam of Suffolk, Virginia, claimed more than 59 percent of the nearly 1.4 million votes cast.

The deeply secure voting — hardened over the past two years due to concerns related to Russian and North Korean hackers — will be recorded by a PHP Web application and the data stored in a Structured Query Language (SQL) data base. Voting will be conducted under the oversight of the American Mustache Institute, Billy Dee Williams and the daughter of Thomas E. Dewey — the last major party candidate for President of the United States with a mustache.

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To vote for any of the seven finalists for the 2017-18 Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award, click here and choose wisely.