As was expected prior to release, there has been tremendous excitement and buzz surrounding the release of Romeo Dance Cheetah’s debut album “Magnificent Man.” A first-time finalist for the 2017-18 Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year, we recently spoke with the Magnificent Man behind the “Magnificent Man.”

AMI: Where did the name come from?
Romeo: I knew at a very young age what I wanted to be when I grew up. The fastest land animal on the planet. I told my friends, teachers and my mom that one day I would be a cheetah. Guess what? I did it. Also I like to dance and I’m not too shy around the ladies so “Romeo” and “Dance” were a natural fit.

AMI: Meow. Besides being born, what’s your most impressive contribution to society and why?
Romeo: I’ve lived several days since being born, so there’s a lot to pick from. One of my favorite contributions would have to be my new album “Magnificent Man”. The world is getting way too serious, everyone is pissed off and fighting. I made a whole album dedicated to silliness. Basically I inserted as many fart jokes into the music as possible and think it will lighten people’s loads if you know what I’m saying.

AMI: Tell us your deepest darkest secret.
Romeo: I’m illiterate.











AMI: Wow, that’s unexpected. Especially since you just wrote an album with lyrics that’s been hailed as “the greatest collection of human creativity ever” by us.
Romeo: Illiterate means you don’t know how to swim correct?

AMI: I believe so…moving on. We know what kind of “man” you are, but what kind of a guy are you?
Romeo: Well I’m a beer guy, party guy, BBQ ribs guy, not much of a sports guy, mustache guy…and a ladies guy.

AMI: Wouldn’t it be “ladies man?” That’s not the question I asked.
Romeo: Touchet.

AMI: We’re honored to have you as a nominee for the Robert Goulet Mustached American of the Year Award and we wish your competition the best of luck.
Romeo: Rock’n'Roll!

You can see Romeo live Sunday October 27, at Slippery Slope in Chicago for his album release show. Information and and RSVP link can be found here. And finally we’d like to leave the folks at home with the latest music video for Romeo’s hot single “35 Year Olds Dancing” Enjoy!