As a leading voice in the global free facial hair and pro-handsomeness movement, we have a unique front-row seat in looking at products and services of interest to people of facial hair.

Amongst the fastest growing consumer product verticals, the market for facial hair grooming products such as mustache and beard waxes and balms is exploding with new offerings entering the fray seemingly each month.

“In a market that’s literally inundated with a lot of men’s facial hair products that promise to be different in every imaginable way, it’s no wonder that men only trust those products that remain true to the very ideals of facial hair care,” opined GearHungry.

Indeed, from Oregon Wild Hair to Captain Fawcett’s to longtime American Mustache Institute partner and sponsor of the International Mustache Hall of Fame, CanYouHandlebar – like Ron Jeremy’s lap, the list is long and impressive.

A new entry into the market – Wolfman Whiskers – is turning heads.

“The collection of beard balms from Wolfman Whiskers is for the rugged adventurer, the go-to handyman, the venerable gentleman who is the backbone of a progressive society, and virtual anyone who’s tired of the same usual stuff,” GearHungry wrote. “It’s for those who want to grow their facial bush and care for it like Mother Nature cares for the world.”

Correction, GearHungry, as the proper term would be “facial forestry unit” – but that’s just nit-picking from the world’s leading facial hair advocate and the leader of the free facial hair moment.

The point being, with the positive buzz around Wolfman Whiskers, I was compelled to sample some of its offerings, which I recently did in enjoying the splendor of its product majesty.  And what we found was an extraordinary collection of high quality facial hair balms that, through AMI scientific analysis, proved to enhance laser cocksmanship and overall good looks at reasonable prices.

Overall, we give Wolfman nine out of 10 whiskers in our ‘Stache Scale Analysis.

You’re welcome.







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