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Harley Stringer: Introducing Beards For Autism

On August 30, 2013, by AMI Staff

The following post was submitted by Harley Stringer ——– I started an organization called Beards For Autism – a group for men dedicated to growing beards and facial hair in support of finding a cure for autism – in support of my son Harley Jr., who started showing signs of autism around the age of two and was [...]

Day Of Celebration For Mustache Of Meat

On August 28, 2013, by AMI Staff

As Mustached Americans, we have an intrinsic love for the finest food group: Bacon. Much like napalm, the smell of bacon in the morning — or really anytime — pleases our people even beyond lapdances (a close second). Indeed, we love nothing more than for our lower nose foliage to preserve the enchanting aroma and [...]

Help AMI Ensure Mustaches Everywhere #ShouldBEaThing

On August 26, 2013, by AMI Staff

Lately we’ve been a bit distracted. You see, the people at the travel app TripCase recently released a video (below) featuring bare-faced superheroes asking what #ShouldBEaThing ( They are inviting people to create photo memes of other things that #ShouldBEaThing. Our choices, of course, include mustaches on all faces — men and women; mustaches required in [...]

Suicide of A Mustached American

On August 24, 2013, by AMI Staff

While we normally report on the happier side of the sexually dynamic Mustached American experience, today we bring you a word-for-word report from about the suicide death of the late Mustached American sports writer Martin Manley.  ——– Martin Manley hated waking up early, but on his 60th birthday he did — or more likely, [...]

We Need Another Mascot With A Mustache

On August 22, 2013, by AMI Staff

For several years the American Mustache Institute has sold good looking gear on celebrating our sexually dynamic lifestyle. Now we have a chance to own the site. Today they launched “Retire the Owl” (, inviting anyone to submit designs for a new mascot until Sept. 30. Designs will then be voted upon with a [...]

An Open Letter To President Obama Regarding Mr. Afridi

On August 10, 2013, by AMI Staff

Mr. President, It has recently come to the attention of the American Mustache Institute that one of our proud brethren, Malik Amir Mohammed Khan Afridi of Faisalabad, Pakistan, has become a target of severe repression and harassment from religious fundamentalists in his homeland. Mr. Afridi’s crime? Daring to embrace a sexually dynamic Mustached-Pakistani lifestyle, as [...]

An Open Letter to Brittany H: Let Them Grow

On July 31, 2013, by AdamCausgrove

Brittany H: It has been brought to the attention of the American Mustache Institute that you are preparing to wed the bare-faced mortal Michael S.  Indeed, congratulations are in order. At the same time, we offer heartfelt condolences as Mr. S. suffers from Bare Upper Lip Disorder, or B.U.L.D., which affects one in every 17 [...]

‘Strongman’ Comes To Rescue With Mustache Firmly Attached To Upper Lip

On July 22, 2013, by AMI Staff

The world cried out for a hero — a hero living the sexually dynamic Mustached American lifestyle. And his name was “Strongman.” Indeed, the comic “Strongman” — essentially a redundant title as its lead character is a person of Mustached American descent — is the latest graphic novel project from “Death and Return of Superman” [...]


On July 18, 2013, by AMI Staff

Last week, the American Mustache Institute announced its first change in leadership since 1989, along with plans to move the organization’s current corporate headquarters in St. Louis, as well as ‘Stache Bash 2013, to Pittsburgh. Dr. Aaron Xavier Perlut, CNM, who has led the world’s leading facial hair advocacy organization since 1989, announced he would [...]

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