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Marlins’ Mattingly Violates Players’ Civil Rights, Turns Back on His People

On February 22, 2016, by AMI Staff

Who knew new Florida Marlins Manager Don Mattingly was a hypocritical shame to his Mustached American heritage? Indeed, such was revealed to be the case as for the first time in his major league career as a manager, player or fluffer, Mattingly’s team has a policy of no facial hair. The Marlins allowed players to have [...]

Mustache Hall of Fame Opens Nominations for Second Class

On February 16, 2016, by AMI Staff

The International Mustache Hall of Fame (, an endeavor of the American Mustache Institute (AMI) to canonize the superior attractiveness of people of facial hair, today opened its public nomination process seeking submissions of worthy candidates for the Hall’s second class.  The chosen few — which will be announced on March 11 in a ceremony at Pittsburgh [...]

Psy Video “Daddy” Is Mustache Intensive

On February 11, 2016, by AMI Staff

South Korean pop star Psy, best known for his hit single “Gangnam Style,” has a new hit on his hand which is burnished by a luxurious new lower nose foliage unit. Released in November 2015, the song “Daddy” is, to say the least, “Mustache Intensive.” Thus we applaud Psy for embracing the sexual dynamism of the [...]

Black History Month: Mustached American Bass Reeves

On February 4, 2016, by AMI Staff

In honoring great Mustached American people of color, today the American Mustache Institute honors late United States Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves with a post originally printed by Legends of America. ___________________________________________________ Born to slave parents in 1838 in Paris, Texas, Bass Reeves would become the first black U.S. Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi River and one of [...]

AMI Lashes Out UPS For Violating Employee Civil Liberties

On February 3, 2016, by AMI Staff

As a longtime bastion for sexually dynamic Mustached Americans, UPS’s hearty fleet of Teamster drivers have embraced Mustached Americana like few other professions in modern day corporate America. At the same time, however, the package delivery giant has maintained a two-party system of fairness, or lack thereof, amongst people of facial hair, choosing to discriminate [...]

Monkeys + Mustaches = Magic

On January 25, 2016, by AMI Staff

Funny monkeys. (Tamirans ) !!. Posted by Amazing world on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mustache Institute Distances Itself from Kroenke’s Lip Sweater

On January 13, 2016, by AMI Staff

In a somber gathering today inside the viewing area at the top of the world’s largest mustache — the Gateway Arch — the American Mustache Institute sought to distance itself from Mustached American St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke after the National Football League announced it would allow the team to abandon St. Louis for [...]

The Mustached American and the Power of Fine Scotch Whiskey

On December 3, 2015, by AMI Staff

American Mustache Institute science has consistently demonstrated the unique affinity that people of Mustached American heritage have for fine Scotch whiskey. In fact, our AMI’s Dept. of Abstract Medical Science & Dance has commonly proscribed Scotch consumption as a means to fight Bare Upper Lip Disorder or BULD, as well as to enhance rugged good [...]

Paul Ryan Brings Much Needed Beard to U.S. House of Representatives

On December 2, 2015, by AMI Staff

Leave it to an overly fit, carb-counting mammal with rippling chesticular muscles from Wisconsin to bring facial hair back to the leadership of the United States Congress. As broadly reported by major media, Speaker of the House, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), grew a sexually dynamic beard over the Thanksgiving break, making him the first [...]

Flavor Savers Holiday Gift Idea: Sex Mist

On November 25, 2015, by AMI Staff

With the holiday gift-giving season in full swing, longtime American Mustache Institute partner and contributor The Flavor Savers are suggesting a high quality new product for the sexually dynamic Mustached American in your life: Sex Mist.   moustache, beard, mustache

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