The Goulet Award

The Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year Award recognizes the person who best-represents or contributes to the Mustached American community during the prior year, and is named in honor of the late and legendary performer Robert Goulet, whose voice, trademark mustache, sense of humor, and black leather jackets represented a quadruple-threat of talent the American Mustache Institute is proud to salute.

Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year voting

After combing through more than 500 nominees, the Certified Mustacheology Analysis Unit (CMAC) of the American Mustache Institute present the finalists for the 8th annual Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year, the winner of which will be announced Oct. 29, in Pittsburgh at Beards for Beasts IV, to be held at the Rivers Casino (see past Goulet winners here).

Voting will be recorded by a PHP Web application and the data stored in a Structured Query Language (SQL) data base under the oversight of the American Mustache Institute, Billy Dee Williams, and the daughter of Thomas E. Dewey — the last major party candidate for President of the United States with a mustache.

Please select one finalist and hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.


What's an enigmatologist? It's Will Shortz, the world’s only academically accredited puzzle master. He designed his own major program at Indiana University, which in 1974 led to his one-of-a-kind degree in Enigmatology, the study of puzzles. Will Shorts is known for his position as crossword puzzle editor for The New York Times, love of table tennis, and his mustache. Will reported in his Ask Will column in 2009 that he has his mustache "since college. I’ve shaved it off a few times over the years, but friends say I look better with it on, so I’ve always let it grow back." Will wrote the riddles for the film Batman Forever and has guest-starred in episodes of The Simpsons and How I Met Your Mother, in each case playing himself. He was also the subject of the 2006 award-winning documentary film Wordplay.

Russ Banks is the third-generation owner of R. D. Banks Chevrolet in Champion, Ohio, Past President of the local Rotary Club, and Chairman of the Ohio Auto Dealers Association. A leader in his community, Russ and his family have been a staple in Trumbull County for over a century, and Russ continues to give back to his hometown through selfless acts of volunteerism, support of other organizations, and by consistently owning and operating a trademark horseshoe mustache. He’s as American made as the line of automobiles he sells, and he’s got the stache to prove it.

Chad is the owner of an image and branding design firm in Nixa, MO, but he is also proud father of a fireman, a teacher, a pastor, and a car salesman. Chad’s charitable contributions range from sponsorship of the local Habitat for Humanity, as well as a long history of aiding and distributing goods in disaster relief areas across the United States. Chad is a constant supporter and volunteer with Convoy of Hope and Compassion Alliance, and is a dependable mentor to colleagues in his field.

John Stossel, like the rough-hewn chevron moustache that guards his manly visage, has stood firm--and many times alone--over the course of his brilliant career in journalism for our freedom and liberty as citizens of this great country. Sure, he is not the only bold moustache on prime-time televison. But, while that similarly moustached Canadian Trebek has all of the questions, our red-blooded Stossel has all of the answers. In the tempest of our current political climate that rocks us violently to the right and the left until we are sick, tired and near retching, John, like his sexy sextant moustache, is centered, resolute and always points us past the storms to the shores of our better selves.

As Director of Mosquito Patrol for Suffolk, VA, Abadam is at the forefront of safeguarding his Virginian neighbors from the ever-growing threat posed by the Zika Virus. The fine people of Suffolk are undoubtedly in extremely qualified hands, as local government made a wise decision by not entrusting their health to a mere bald-faced mortal.

When Yevette Vasquez learned that her son's school was hosting a "Donuts with Dad" event, she did what any single mom who respects the Mustached American lifestyle would do – don a mustache and support her son! Quickly gaining viral fame, Vasquez proved that with some creativity, a fake mustache, and an unwavering commitment to her son, anything is possible.

As pundits argued over who won the October 10 presidential debate, the public delivered the verdict with a resounding, sexually dynamic thump: Mustached American Ken Bone. Indeed, not all heroes wear capes, and Bone -- dressed in cherry apple -- was by far the most heroic, articulate, truth seeker pressing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for answers about "What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?" America owes Bone a debt of sexually dynamic gratitude that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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