'Stache Scale Analysis

The staff and administration of the American Mustache Institute review products, music, film and other aspects of pop culture.

Analysis: ‘Stache the Book An Amusing Read

On October 13, 2010, by AMI Staff

The American Mustache Institute’s ‘Stache Scale Analysis today examines Terry Taylor’s newly published “‘Stache: Frivolous Facts & Facies About That Space Between the Nose And Lip,” a book that people of Mustached American heritage are sure to notice. It’s an homage to the sexually adventuresome Mustached American way of living, as well as being a [...]

‘Stache Scale Analysis: Hardee’s Chicken Tenders

On July 28, 2010, by AMI Staff

As part of the American Mustache Institute’s ‘Stache Scale Analysis series — which as you may recall is part of AMI’s effort to sample products developed for people of Mustached American hertiage — Dr. Aaron Perlut recently stopped by a Hardee’s location in downtown St. Louis to analyze the restaurant chain’s new hand breaded chicken [...]

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